Father and Son Inspection Team

At OSI Inspection Services, we are committed to offering you unbiased and in-depth home inspections. We educate and inform you with valuable information so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Our company has conducted Home and Commercial Building Inspections in St. Petersburg and the greater Tampa Bay area for over 30 years. As state-licensed home inspectors we provide detailed yet easy to understand reports including photos, videos, and recommendations, so that you have the information you need to make that important decision to buy a home.

Everything we do is based on our core business values that include

  • Knowledge

  • Dedication

  • Experience

  • Integrity

Licensed & Insured

FL Certified Building Contractor  #CBC1252547
FL Certified Building Inspector BN-3597
FL Certified Home Inspector – HI-2770 / HI-10981 
FL Required State Licensure for Home Inspection since 2011

Our Philosophy

OSI Inspection Services strives to provide its customers with the utmost courtesy and personal attention. In an industry with a history of poor regulation, OSI stands out by providing services upholding the highest professional principles and highest standards of quality & integrity. We approach each inspection with a level of personal investment as if we are going to be moving into the property ourselves! 


OSI has been providing Home Inspections for properties in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area since 1989. This includes more recent additions to the industry such as the Wind Mitigation Inspection and the 4 Point Insurance Inspection. You can feel confident in OSI when you know that your inspection will be conducted by a State Licensed Home Inspector, Building Inspector and Contractor with decades of building and inspection experience. The OSI Father-Son Team (each of whom is individually State Licensed) conducts each inspection together, providing additional experience and manpower when compared to our competition. 

The absence of an apprenticeship requirement for home inspectors in the State of Florida makes it vital for potential customers to conduct thorough research when selecting a home inspection company. Many individuals may enter the field without any firsthand experience, underscoring the significance of choosing a company with experienced professionals.

As a 3rd Generation builder with several decades of experience in the industry working on projects ranging from newly constructed homes to commercial high-rises, Brian's expertise has been passed down to his son, Payton. They have worked side by side for more than seven years, and Payton holds his own individual license as a Home Inspector in the State of Florida. This unique mentorship has cultivated a wealth of knowledge and practical skills, making them a trusted local family team to handle comprehensive home inspections here in St. Petersburg and the surrounding Tampa Bay area. 

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