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The Crucial Role of 4-Point Inspections in The Midst of Florida’s Homeowners Insurance Crisis:

Here in St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, and the rest of Florida, homeowners are facing a new challenge that’s sending shockwaves through the real estate market. The homeowners insurance industry in Florida is undergoing a significant transformation, with insurance companies either exiting the state entirely, or opting not to renew policies to their current customers at record levels, many times with no reason given. This leaves many homeowners in a precarious situation, scrambling to secure coverage for their most valuable asset. In this time of uncertainty, the importance of a 4-Point Inspection cannot be overstated, as this is a required report that homeowners insurance companies will ask you for when you are attempting to find coverage, or can be required as a condition for considering you for renewal. This may vary to some degree, but typically any home 25 years or older will require a 4 Point Inspection and its associated report (free of deficiencies) before a potential homeowners insurance company will even consider your home for coverage.

The Exodus of Insurance Companies:

Florida has long been a hotbed for severe weather events, from hurricanes to tropical storms. In recent years, the frequency and intensity of these events have prompted many insurance companies to reassess their exposure in the state. Some have chosen to leave altogether, citing the increasing risks and financial strain caused by natural disasters.

The Renewal Dilemma:

For homeowners in Florida, the challenge isn’t just about finding a new insurance provider—it’s about finding one willing to take on the risk. Many insurance companies are no longer renewing policies for homes in certain areas, especially those deemed high-risk due to their proximity to the coast or other vulnerable zones. This leaves homeowners with the daunting task of securing coverage before their current policy expires.

Enter the 4-Point Inspection:

Amidst this insurance landscape upheaval, the 4-Point Inspection emerges as a crucial lifeline for homeowners. But what exactly is a 4-Point Inspection, and why is it essential?

A 4-Point Inspection is a comprehensive examination of four key components of a home: the roof, electrical system, plumbing system, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Conducted by a licensed and experienced inspector, this inspection provides a detailed snapshot of the home’s condition and helps insurance companies assess the level of risk they would be taking on by providing coverage. This report is used by the insurance companies as a factor in whether or not they will be willing to offer the homeowner an insurance policy.

It is also crucial to not skimp on this inspection, as hiring a Home Inspector with limited experience and knowledge of changing insurance requirements can often end up in the homeowner having to repeat the process at their own expense given that cheaper inexperienced inspectors can gloss over something as a non-issue that is later flagged by the insurance company. The opposite can also happen, where inexperienced inspectors add delay and costs to the process by flagging what they deem to be potential insurance issues when in reality they are not. As the requirements of the homeowner’s insurance industry are ever changing, the importance of highly qualified inspector with real-time knowledge of the industry requirements is key.

The following 4 Points (the 4 major systems of the home are inspected and reported on). It should be noted that the age of these systems are also a factor and homeowners insurance companies may refuse to provide coverage in an example such as a roof, HVAC system, or water heater being past what would be considered its viable life span.

Electrical System Inspection:

Outdated or faulty electrical systems can pose significant risks, including fire hazards. A thorough examination of the electrical system helps identify potential issues, ensuring the home meets safety standards.

Plumbing System Inspection:

Leaks and plumbing issues can lead to water damage and mold growth. The 4-Point Inspection assesses the condition of the plumbing system, identifying any concerns that may impact the home’s insurability.

HVAC System Inspection:

A functioning HVAC system is crucial for comfort and safety. The inspection evaluates the age and condition of the heating and cooling systems, ensuring they meet the required standards.

Why It Matters:

For homeowners seeking new insurance coverage, a 4-Point Inspection (if you don’t already have a valid one completed less than 1 year ago) will typically be required for all homes 25 years of age or older. This can vary by insurance company, as can 4 Point requirements for residences such as condo units, so it is best to check with the insurance company first. By providing a clear understanding of the home’s condition, this inspection allows insurance companies to make informed decisions about coverage, potentially lowering the risk and premiums for homeowners. The form is also universal and must be accepted by any homeowner’s insurance company regulated by the State of Florida. This gives the homeowners the opportunity to “shop around” for the best policy for them. Remember, the 4 Point Inspection is only valid for 1 year from the date of inspection. It should also be noted that the fee for this inspection is unfortunately put on the homeowner.


As the tides of change continue to reshape Florida’s homeowners insurance landscape, the 4-Point Inspection stands as a beacon of stability for homeowners. In the face of insurance uncertainties, this comprehensive examination not only ensures the safety and longevity of homes but also opens doors to new insurance possibilities. In the pursuit of a secure and resilient future, a 4-Point Inspection is the key that unlocks the doors to homeownership peace of mind.

If you find you need a 4 Point Inspection performed, please give family owned and operated OSI Inspection Services the opportunity to serve you, whether you are located in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Sarasota, or anywhere in the greater Tampa Bay area. OSI serves Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco, Manatee, and Sarasota counties.